Keepers of the Tradition, Portraits of contemporary Appalachians

$28.50. 9 X 12, 96 pages, hard-cover. Full color.

Non-fiction. Portraits by Leslie Roberts Gregg and stories by Michael Abraham

Tradition is the glue that binds the past with the future, and adheres cultures and civilizations. As products of Appalachia themselves, portrait artist Leslie Roberts Gregg and author Michael Abraham are continually mindful of this and of the unique cultural environment in which they were nurtured. Keepers of the Tradition is a compilation of a dozen portraits of contemporary Appalachians who follow the paths of those who came before them.


Stunning pastel portraits and colorful, insightful stories, rich with anecdotes and quotations, provide a rich tapestry of Keepers. The practices of folklore preservation aren’t reenactments, but rather everyday lifestyle experiences for Keepers of the Tradition. Learn how these twelve men and women revere, celebrate, and practice the skills, crafts, and occupations of their predecessors and share time-honored wisdom from their cultural roots.